Registering for the course

To register for the course, a course approval form must be completed and signed. If you are on campus, you can get a copy from Rebecca Wood (ZSH 433). If you are outside the JMU area, completing the course approval form can be handled electronically. Go to the Economics section on the JMU web site to get a copy of the Independent Course Approval form. Download and complete the portion of the form asking for your personal information.

The completed form needs to go from the faculty advisor (currently Andre Neveu) and to the program director (currently Ehsan Ahmed) for signatures. Rebecca Wood will then process the form, entering your JMU ID number into a list of students approved to take the course. Once we have entered your ID number, all you need to do is go to the JMU web site, get on MyMadison, and register for the course. You should get an email message from Rebecca indicating that she has entered your ID and you are approved to register. If this message mentions a number, that number will probably be the class number (some five digit number like those you use to register for regular semester courses) for ECON394. This should be the only number related to the course that you need to know to register.

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