Welcome to the Homepage for ECON 488, Senior Capstone Seminar in Economics. Below you will find links to course reading materials, interesting links, and other information I’ve pulled together from the Internet. If you have anything you think would be worth adding, please let me know.

Week 2 Lecture 1

Week 3 Lecture

A lot of the material you will need for this semester will be posted on Canvas, including all deadlines and many resources.

  • Video introductions & help for assignments


Reflective Essay Help

Data & Indicators Help

This project must be done using one of the following tools.

My Google Sites example: https://sites.google.com/view/economicindicators/home My Adobe Spark example: https://spark.adobe.com/page/PO8aXcwbMK67t/

Research Paper Help

Getting started with R:


  • I prefer footnotes to endnotes
  • Internet news articles should be cited in footnotes, and not the reference section
  • Do not put “n.p.n.d.” in your references
  • Any quotes longer than five lines should be put in block quotes. As a rule, this should be extremely limited