This page contains links to outside sources that I have found useful at times

ANEVEU.COM Subsite is where I store useful datasets for download St Louis Fed Data a.k.a. FRED Barreto Howland Website DataFerrett Website Penn World Tables Death and Taxes Poster. Budget Charts at NPP NBER Business Cycle Dates

Fed Data

Fed Aggregates on WSJ Fed (Table H8) Assets & Liabilities of Commercial Banks Fed (Table H6) Money Stock Money Stock and the Fed Funds Rate M1 Components Non M1, M2 Components Fed (Table H3) Monetary Base Fed Flow of Funds FOMC Structure and Members Federal Reserve Calendars/Minutes/Projections/Minutes Federal Reserve Beige Book NY Fed Educational Papers NY Fed description of Open Market Operations Fed Funds and Discount Rate & Fed’s System Open Market Account Holdings or SOMA. Note that SOMA does not include repos or reverse repos. Federal Reserve of Richmond Navigator

Educational Videos

JMU Films on Demand Khan Academy

Humorous Videos

Colbert Report on the Reinhart and Rogoff Excel spreadsheet errors.

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,Video Archive