With my courses shifting online this fall, many of you will have questions about the format.

Will this online class start on time and be live?

  • Yes, all classes will meet synchronously (live) and start right around the scheduled class time. There will be asynchronous (recorded) content you watch on your own time, and assignments that will be submitted online. The class time will be used to discuss your progress/questions in these assignments, as well as discuss other materials I provide you to discuss. There will also be some required presentations/discussions by students throughout the course. Those dates would be well known in advance.

Will classes be recorded?

  • Yes, all class meetings will be recorded. However, it is difficult to promise timely availability of recordings. Also, there is the occasional case where I fail to start recording at the very start. I try to be good about this, but it might happen.

Will I be expected to interact or just watch?

  • The online meetings will be interactive and I expect some participation. There will be asynchronous opportunities to participate to replace or supplement days where you cannot attend or have little to say.

Do you know if we can do these online classes at the library or other places on campus? Do I need to be in my dorm/apartment with a camera and microphone available?

  • You should be able to participate in online classes anywhere with stable internet. I have in the past had students watch the videos on their phones/tablets/computers with headphones. Anywhere you have stable internet is really fine.