Welcome to the homepage for ECON 332, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory. Below you will find links to all class lectures, as well as some relevant videos and information I’ve created or pulled together from the Internet. If you have anything you think would be worth adding, please let me know. You can find me in my office on: Monday 9am-10am; Monday 1:35pm-2:20pm; Wednesday 1:35pm-2:30pm; Wednesday 3:30-5:05; Friday 1:35pm-2:20pm. Please try to make an appointment before coming by.

Note on textbook: This semester we are using Charles I. Jones, Macroeconomics, 3rd edition textbook. There are several ways to purchase this textbook. Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-393-60376-7, to rent, or to buy at the bookstore EBook - purchase ISBN: 978-0-393-61539-5. Looseleaf ISBN: 978-0-393-61534-0 from Norton; in bookstore. You can also get this book on Amazon.

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Material for each lecture and section of the course is linked below.

Lecture 1: Introduction and Preliminary

  • Readings are chapters 1 and 2 from the Jones textbook.

Lecture 2: Long-Run Growth and an Introduction to Solow Model

  • Readings are chapters 3 and 4 from the Jones textbook.

Lecture 3: Solow Model and Growth

Growth Readings - Why Growth Matters? [Listed in order of priority]

Articles for the course are required reading, and are provided on Canvas. When reading these articles, your job is to get the general point, and be able to say something thoughtful about how the material relates to our in class discussions and textbook reading. The point is not to 'rederive' the models or 'summarize' the work, but it is more about interpretation and thinking critically about the works and how they relate to one another.

Growth Videos

Lecture 4: Inflation

Lecture 5: The Short Run

Lecture 6: IS and Consumption

Lecture 7: MP and Inflation (Phillips)

Lecture 8: AD/AS Model (Based on IS-MP)

Lecture 9: DSGE, AD/AS Model (Based on IS-LM) and Government

  • Smets and Wouters - Bayesian DSGE (At the very least, read this until you are completely lost... then read the conclusion.)
  • IS-LM (Chapters from Mankiw's textbook Part I and Part II)
  • Lucas - Nobel Lecture: This discusses the fundamental shift caused from his earlier research.

General: Readings and Videos

Economic Fluctuations: Readings and Videos