Slides for 4/15/2019 Networking Event

See the slides from our recent networking event for more information about the REU program or Honors College research opportunities.

Selected Examples of Student-Faculty Collaborative Work

Students participating in the REU program have had various opportunities to showcase the work they have done. Some students have had the opportunity to publish coauthored work, while others have traveled to present their work at national conferences or locally at JMU. Some selected examples are provided below.


Devin M. Boehmer (student) and William C. Wood (adviser) “Student vs. faculty perspectives on quality instruction: Gender bias, “hotness,” and “easiness” in evaluating teaching.” in the Journal of Education for Business 92(4). 2017.


Callie Smith (student) and Elham Torabi (adviser) conducted research with Mary Washington Hospital


Mary Margaret Anthony and Lauren Calderaro (students) under advisement of Theresa Clarke presented work at the ACME conference in March 2019 in Houston, TX

Monica Linn, Le Kuai, and Anteo Sanna (students) under advisement of Ping Wang (adviser) presented work at the Asian Studies Conference in Madison Union in March 2017

Jami Adler and Brianna Cifelli (students) under advisement of Theresa Clarke (adviser) presented at the ACME conference in June 2017

Danielle Bragale (student) and Joshua Pate (adviser) at the 2018 Spring Honors Symposium. Barriers to Wheelchair Basketball: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Jami Adler, Devin Boehmer, Kerry Joyce, Emily Ringer, and Ryan Williams presented their collaborative work at the 2017 JMU COB Board of Advisors Meeting.